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We are quantity surveyors in construction industry professional with expert knowledge on construction costs. Our teams of qualified professional quantity surveyors with associate members of industry body, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS).

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We have turnaround times of just 3-5 days for your cost report or quantity surveyor cost estimate, depending on the size of your proposed development. We crosscheck all quantity surveying estimates against bench marked data, so you can trust that our quantity surveying services are as accurate as possible. We provide top-quality quantity surveying services at a competitive price, and strive to provide the cost estimate that works within your budget. We specialise in providing QS reports for all types of developments, including residential, industrial, subdivision, government, and refurbishments.

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Our services are tailored individually to meet the needs of our clientele. The dynamics team at AD Quantity Surveyors will work towards delivering each cost estimate to be on time, budget, and fulfilling its scope.

Construction Cost Estimates

Construction cost estimates is an integral part of any construction project. Without this, construction costs can become a liability at a later stage of the project. A construction cost estimator is normally part of the budgetary planning process, making it one of the initial phases.

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Project Feasibility Estimates

Project feasibility estimate as it applies to the area of reclamation can be defined as 'An estimate used for determining the economic feasibility of a project, the probable sequence and cost for construction of a project, and as a guide in the choice between alternative locations or plans'.

Project Cost Verification Report

A project cost verification report will generally include all the costs by the date of the report, where they are known, a forecast of the costs likely to be incurred during the rest of the project, in so far as these can be foreseen and estimated, and risk allowances for the possibility of unforeseeable costs.

Project Cost To Complete Reports

Cost To Complete Reports (CTC). A CTC is a detailed estimate that identifies the total cost of a project then deducts the cost of works that have been completed to date. This is then used to calculate the cost to complete the unfinished works.

Assessment Of Contract Variations

Any changes to the contract requiring a change to a particular section of work will lead to a Variation of Contract. A variation causes changes to the contract sum and can either be a positive or a negative amount and are generally assessed by a Quantity Surveyor and included in the monthly Progress Claim Assessments.

Chartered Quantity Surveyor

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Once a project reaches a certain value (usually $500,000 but some councils have a higher minimum), most NSW councils require a "Registered Quantity Surveyor's Cost Report" be included as part of the Development Application (DA) or Construction Certificate (CC).

Trusted By More Than 10,000 Happy People.

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Justin has always provided a good professional service, and offers appropriate sound advice when required.

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We are delighted that the new building was on schedule and best of all, has come in under budget, so our grateful thanks go to those who made this possible.

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Justin provided sound, level-headed advice from start to finish. He demonstrated flexibility when having to deal with matters out of project control and supported the college throughout. Project came in on-time and under budget so great overall performance.

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The Partners and I wanted to say how much we appreciate how efficiently and smoothly the project was run and we will definitely recommend you to any colleagues who are looking for professional help with a new development.

Sandra Jones

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Our services are tailored individually to meet the needs of our clientele. The dynamics team at AD Quantity Surveyors will work towards delivering each cost estimate to be on time, budget, and fulfilling its scope.

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